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Screencasting Resources (Part One)

We’re keen to curate the best WordPress-flavored screencasts, videos and WordCamp presentations here at

Over time we hope to start adding all kinds of video content from members of the and communities. If you’ve thought about putting screencasts together yourself but aren’t sure where to start, check out some of the links below:

(more…) and You – One Week On

It’s been an awesome first week for, and we’ve already received a huge amount of really helpful feedback, and some great suggestions and submissions for content.

We’re taking notes here and logging all of your requests, suggestions and the links to videos you’ve been sending in. Please do keep them coming.

If you’re thinking about submitting a video, we now have some submission guidelines that should help you to zero in on the kind of thing we’re looking for. The key things are to keep your videos (be they screencasts, vodcasts or WordCamp footage) clear, current, concise and concentrated. Think about the kind of things you’d look for in a video about WordPress, and you won’t go far wrong.

And whether you’ve made some videos yourself, or have stumbled upon some cool stuff out there on the interweb, ping us some links via our contact form. Likewise, if you find something that’s missing and you’d like to see – we’re all ears.

Some of the things you’ve been telling us you’d like to see more of include basics – such as getting installed and set up; tips on theme design (check out the three part CSS-Tricks series we just published); plugin demos and development videos; better filtering of & content; tutorials for intemediate and advanced users; and a bunch more stuff besides. As we start to add more international content, we’ll make sure you can filter by language, too.

We’re working on making all that happen – and hope you’ll join us in making a killer resource for all things WordPress.

Welcome to

Our goal with is simple:

To make it easy for you to find up-to-date, WordPress-themed video content within a couple of clicks. Without having to wade through spammy promotional videos, out-of-date content, and missing chunks of presentations. There’s a quick intro video if you’re curious: