Weekly Recap: The WordPress Family, E-Commerce, Failure, and WordPress.com Howtos

Welcome to the weekend from WordPress.tv!

It’s time to recap the last week in video tutorials, and this week we have the continuation of a very strong lineup of WordCamp video from the busy final weeks of summer. This week’s batch is from WordCamp Los Angeles, which was held on September 12 at Loyola Marymount University:

Once again, this is a great lineup of speakers put together by a wonderful group of volunteers. If watching these and other WordCamp sessions piques your interest, you should check to see if there’s an upcoming WordCamp in your area.

We also posted a great bunch of how-tos and announcements for WordPress.com this week:

And one French-language tutorial:

I’d like to take a second and recommend that you watch the tutorial on translating WordPress.tv videos. We have a broad selection of videos available here, but the vast majority of them are voiced in English. As time passes, and WordPress users become more of an international community, the need for translated subtitles will only grow—and you can help to create those translations. The short tutorial linked above will show you how you can contribute.

Of course, we hope that you find the content available here on WordPress.tv to be useful and informative as you continue to use and learn more about WordPress. Remember: if you’re a plugin developer or a WordPress whiz, and you don’t see a tutorial you think should be here, you can always create one and get in touch with us. We’re always seeking videos from the community and publishing the best of them here on WordPress.tv.

With your contributions, and your suggestions, you’ll help us truly make WordPress.tv your visual resource for all things WordPress. Enjoy your weekend! We’ll be back on Monday with more video, including the sessions from WordCamp Seattle.

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