WordPress.tv is hiring!

I’m super-excited to say that we’re hiring here at WordPress.tv towers!

With our combined focus on community content and putting out fresh tutorials for you, there are only so many hours a day in the average week. So, to make sure that we cover the gamut of WordPress video, we’re going to need an extra pair of hands.

You can find the job description at our Automattic jobs page – the job you’re looking at is the “Reel Wrangler”. Here are a few more details:

Are you our Reel Wrangling WPTVist?

The job calls for a flexible, creative jack or jill of all trades with an independent mind. Here at the Automattic ranch we all work from home, manage our own workloads, and live free of micro-management and rigid hierarchy. Laughing at Matt’s jokes is optional, although it does win you first dibs at the BBQ.

That means you need to be able to communicate what’s happening, what needs fixing, and what you think, through our variety of online meeting places.

With this position you’ll be:

*Engaging with the WordPress community, and the videomakers within it – from scouting talent to uploading and publishing awesome videos from around the world

*Actively moderating the WordPress.tv community, and helping people to find the help they need

*Pinging out updates, blog posts, tweets and suchlike

*Making our content more accessible with subtitle transcriptions

*Managing our incoming videos, checking them out, and publishing the best to the web

*Potentially helping out a bit with some concise, straight to the point screencasts

*Sharing your thoughts, progress and whatever else blow-by-blow on the live-to-the-world WordPress.tv dev blog

*Working with a person whose eyebrows outsize even Sylar’s

You’ll need to be:

*Easy to get along with, patient and kind (yes, just like Mary Poppins)

*WordPress, HTML and CSS savvy (as in working knowledge rather than genius, although that won’t hurt)

*Familiar with video formats, publishing media to the web and using FTP

*Self-motivated, independent and focused on making cool stuff happen

*Bonus points for any screencasting, documentation or community/support chops

We can’t wait to hear from you – to apply, you’ll want to check out all of the details here, or if you’re super-confident, send a *short* email and your resumé to jobs [at] automattic [dot] [com]. We’d rather you didn’t apply in the comments or via the WordPress.tv contact form, and doing so will earn you 10 Suck-Points for not having read this :)

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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