WordCamp Video Highlight 2018/07/13

The WordPress Community.

Unique, powerful, supportive, yes. But it can be so much more!

I have to admit that I have a soft spot for inspiring stories/videos. Here are two recent videos about the WordPress Community.

Joe A. Simpson Jr. : 90 Days – Finding Your Place in the WordPress Community

I set out to become more mindful of the things that bring me positive energy including truly engaging in the Community — 4 WordCamps, 16+ WordPress Meetups, and Events, designed a Wapuu, and a website build/brand to give back.

Francesco Di Candia: Sopravvivere alla Community italiana di WordPress: le regole d’oro

La community di WordPress, ed in special modo la community italiana, è una miniera d’oro di possibilità, di contatti e di amicizie. Ma, a lungo andare, può trasformarsi nel ‘centro’ di tutte le nostre attività. Tra il serio ed il faceto racconto di come si possa sopravvivere ad un gruppo di persone insostituibile ma senza farci sopraffare.

And finally, on a more personal note. I recorded this video after attending WordCamp Ann Arbor two years ago. I took my son, Michael along with me. Mike is 35 years old and mentally challenged. He enjoys going to WordCamps and meeting new people. Simply put……

This Is Why I love The WordPress Community



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