WordCamp Video Highlight 2018/08/31

If you do a search for Netcast (Video / Audio Podcast) About WordPress, you will see literally hundreds of options to choose from. I have been a fan of netcast for years and have my favorites that I watch or listen to each week.

The videos below explain the advantages of having video and audio content.

Florian Gottschall: Learn why and how to create and use video for your WordPress blog/website

In my workshop I showcase the importance of online video with up to date statistics from main influencers. Based on this background I showcase how you can use video in your own WordPress installation from different sources. I also provide an overview about advantages or disadvantages for each source. As an interactive part I create a video live on stage.

Missy Sorg: Using WordPress for Podcasting

When podcasting became a thing over a decade ago, there weren’t many options for distribution. In order to share our podcasts, we needed to develop a home for them – somewhere where people could find us online that was easier to work with than simple listing sites like TalkShoe or iTunes. That’s why we took advantage of resources we were familiar with – specifically WordPress. We have individual websites for our in-house podcasts – as well as a network page which is home to our growing catalog of Pittsburgh podcasts. I’ll show you how we’ve been able to do that and how you can do it, too.

Slides for this presentation can be found HERE.

For more WordCamp Videos go to WordPress.tv.


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