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  1. wolly

    Great job!!!!
    Thanx it’s fantastic.

  2. ultimoAdios

    Wonderful! Thank you guys!

  3. Felipe

    Great! Hope to see more soon.

  4. socialcoop

    Well done. Great resource.
    Thanks again to the WordPress crew!

  5. squashedbills

    Great thing to have on wordpress loking foward to learing more through this resource….

  6. mercime

    Great job. The up-to-date and official video tutorials are great references to many new users. More power to WordPress!

  7. human3rror


  8. Fikri @ Bloggingly

    Great! 😀

    can i ask you something? How wordpress.tv broadcast the video? Is it using a plugin? if it yes, can i get the plugin?

  9. Michael Pick

    Hi Fikri – third party videos are embedded via VodPod, our own videos use the WordPress video player, which is available to all Space Upgrade users of WordPress.com (you can embed into .org sites however).

  10. Sajid Iqbal

    Thanks michael. People were searching youtube and other video sharing sites. I guess this will set a trend among other application vendors too, to setup there on video resources to help their community.

  11. inerxia

    But dont make a Cross Dissolve with the logo.

  12. SATISH -- Technotip.org

    Great work WordPress…as usual.

    Shared it with my readers. I will surly giveback to WordPress community some of my Free WordPress theme, after I learn how to make them, using tutorials provided in this website 🙂

  13. jose


  14. Edmund Dante Hamilton

    PLEASE, do a tutorial(s) on how to create a WordPress Theme.

    Possibly using Dreamweaver or MAMP, XAMP, etc. This is the most needed for us Dreamweaver people who want to migrate to WP but can’t seem to understand the tags, the PHP calls, “loop” and other stuff that reads simple in the Codex, but is complicated to execute without any kind of “visual” tutorial.

    PLEASE do this ASAP.

    Thanks for creating this much needed website. You should also sell ads on here I think.

  15. Matt

    WordPress.tv is incomplete. As a plugin developer, I’d be more than glad to use WordPress.tv to host any plugin-related tutorial videos, but that service isn’t yet available. Any timeframes as to when (if?) the public will be able to upload our own videos?

  16. Ryan McCue

    Awesome site, especially all the WordCamp videos.

    It’d be awesome if you could have a blackout button, like Hulu’s “lights down”; it makes it much easier to concentrate on the video.

    Also, are the videos linked to their slides? In a lot of WordCamp videos, the slides are a major part of them.

  17. lewp

    I am looking forward to keeping up-to-date with the tutorials. Great idea, thanks!

  18. Michael Pick

    Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback – we’re taking notes here 🙂

    @Matt – WordPress.tv is most definitely incomplete, we’re just getting started. The content at the moment covers a lot of the basics, but you can expect to see it move way beyond that in the coming weeks and months. If you’d like to submit or suggest any Plugin related videos, we’d love to hear about them via the contact form. Rest assured that this is one of the many topics we’ll be covering.

    We’re not setting out to be YouTube, but rather a curated collection of useful WordPress-themed content. That involves a certain amount of filtering to keep things streamlined and avoid a glut of irrelevant, spammy or inappropriate content.

  19. wolkanca


  20. Brandon

    Thanks. Love visual aids…This is going to be very helpful!

  21. jjcalde

    Dos preguntitas,
    1) como se embeb en una instalación de wordpress los videos?
    2) Tenéis pensado traducirlos al castellano, español…

  22. Diseño Ciudad Real

    Great resource. Wait that with time this have more useful videos in others languages.

  23. arena

    great job !

    What about translated videos (something like dotsub.com)

    I would appreciate to have a post abour how to make your own videos (tools used, etc …) and how and where to post my plugin tutorial videos !


    • Michael Pick

      Thanks arena – we’ll be posting production hints and tips on the WordPress.tv blog. Internationalization is also something we’re thinking through and will hopefully be added soon

  24. Tarzan: His Boys Can Swim Blog

    Thanks for launching WordPress.TV – it’ll be a huge help for us ‘non-techies’ out there!

    Hope to see some advanced tips and tricks videos down the road as well.

  25. Ben Millett

    Just thought I’d point out that it looks like blog.wordpress.tv could use some help with the <–more–> code. When I visited the blog’s main page, I thought that the sample intro video simply didn’t embed correctly because the paragraph ends:

    There’s a quick intro video if you’re curious:

    If I hadn’t clicked the post title to go to the actual post, I wouldn’t have seen that the video does embed correctly and that here is a lot more text. Just something you might want to look at.

  26. Dr. Mike Wendell

    Michael, you mention that this is for the community. Previously ,members of the community have been cut out of using other WordPress and Automattic sites like WordPress.com, Gravatar and Akismet. Is this a change of policy of Automattic’s or do you need to make a correction to your statement?

    • Michael Pick

      Mike, I’m not sure how members of the WordPress community have been “cut out of using” WordPress.com, Gravatar or Akismet – last time I looked they were all free to use, and the only blogs that would be “cut out” are those that break the (rather relaxed) terms of service (for the most part, spammers).

      WordPress.com provides a simpler alternative to the self-hosting solution, albeit with a lesser degree of customization. With several million users, I’d argue that WordPress.com users are every bit as much part of the WordPress community as their self-hosting counterparts. Finally, it comes down to freedom of choice.

  27. bro

    how to go to my blog..
    i am a student in indonesian

  28. Mark Erickson

    This is fantastic. Great idea and execution!

  29. Faisal Ali

    nice news

  30. Webmasterish

    I Love the fact that I can now find and share WordPress how-to videos in one place!

    Great job guys!

  31. Monir

    It’s a matter of time and we can call WPTV ” Video is poetry ” 😉

    Good job

  32. Khairil Z

    I wonder if you guys gonna open up the FLV player. It’s so cool.

  33. webvideodaily

    Great work with WPTV. My blog, webvideojournal (on WP)addresses online video topics. As a video and community product manager at Cisco/WebEx, my daily work makes it necessary for me to use and analyze exactly the types of tools you have developed here. Expect to see some analysis on my blog once I upgrade my account to include it.

    Steve Levine – (webvideodaily)

  34. RaiulBaztepo

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  35. law girl

    very cool!!! i would love to work for wordpress

  36. jobgomel

    A good resource! Good job!
    Good luck in development:)

  37. kovshenin

    I’d really like to post some videos I made to wordpress.tv. Is that possible? Thanks.

  38. cara membuat website

    WordPress .tv is good service, so for us the user can learn and more easily using wordpress. Keep moving.

  39. felfifer09

    I like to learn the technique of this WordPress.tv.

    Actually, I have not tried this yet..and I would like to learn from you all.

  40. Arron

    Best of luck.. very great service.

  41. darlaj426

    Sounds great! I’m looking forward to it.

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