Welcome to WordPress.tv

Our goal with WordPress.tv is simple:

To make it easy for you to find up-to-date, WordPress-themed video content within a couple of clicks. Without having to wade through spammy promotional videos, out-of-date content, and missing chunks of presentations. There’s a quick intro video if you’re curious:

To kick off with, there are basically two flavors of content on offer:

How To video training 

If you want to learn how to use WordPress, how to do cool stuff with it, how to push it to the bloody edge of reason – we’re building an exponentially growing library of video training content. You’ll find the beginnings of that in the How-To section of the site. There’s a lot more to come, both WordPress.com and WordPress.org side, but it’s happening, and fast.

WordCamp to your door

If you’re interested in catching up on presentations, slides, interviews and behind-the-scenes mayhem from the WordCamps springing up all over the globe, we have WordCampTV for you. The idea here is that even if you can’t get to the real thing (and even if you can), you can still get a good idea of what went on there.

Now and next 

WordPress.tv is just getting started. As of today you’ll find a whole bunch of tutorials with a focus on the basics, alongside some choice presentations from last year’s WordCamps.

In the coming weeks and months you can expect to see a lot more content – we’re actively seeking out WordCamp footage, and there are already a huge amount of screencast tutorials in production and post. If the focus with our launch content has been on the basics, don’t let that put you off if you have more advanced needs – those *will* be catered to soon.

We’d love to know the type of thing that you’d like to see and hope you’ll leave some feedback in the comments here. If you know of video captured at your local WordCamp or have found a really useful, up-to-date tutorials – we’re all ears.

It’s all about you

Above everything the idea here is to produce and curate top-notch content that makes it easier for you to get things done with WordPress, and keep abreast with the latest stuff going on with the platform – whether you’re a WordPress.com user, or run your own WordPress.org installation.

WordPress is all about the community, and as WordPress.tv evolves, we hope you’ll play an active part in shaping its direction and content. With that in mind, expect to see screencasting and video-making tutorials in the WordPress.tv blog, along with an ongoing discussion about what you want to see, and how you want to see it.

Follow the latest releases, give us feedback, tip us off 

If you’d like to keep up to date on the latest content added to WordPress.tv, consider subscribing to the blog. If you come across some nice screencasts, videos or WordCamp presentation slides or presentations, let us know via the handy dandy contact form. Or if Twitter floats your boat, follow the action over there

We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas. Until then – happy viewing!

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