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  1. Custom

    Uważam, że materiały powinny być zamieszczane we wszystkich językach, także po Polsku, bo w Polsce jest wielu użytkowników WordPress’a.

    I think, that materials should be placed in all languages, also in polish, because many users are in poland wordpress.

    • Michael Pick

      I hope we’ll have some Polish content soon – be sure to let us know if you find any videos on the web you think would be useful to other Polish WordPress users

  2. nuraisyiah0825705febrianty

    I’m Indonesia people but sometimes I didnt Understand with my english language because I still student now,
    Later, I think I can fluency with english speaking..
    n I must study Hard,,,

    • Michael Pick

      I hope there will be more options here for you in the future! Good luck with your studies – I’m also learning a second language and know how hard it can be 🙂

  3. 4drabdel

    hola em dic abdelsòc del marroc ivisc aespanya

  4. awflasher


    I’m sure videos in Chinese would catch up soon 🙂

  5. jorg64

    Ja chcę móc umieścić translatora na stronie .

  6. john boyd

    I want see to you on wordpress.tv about your things to ?

  7. Andrey Tochilin

    Hello Michael,

    I can translate your existing videos on Russian.
    Please feel free to contact me in case of any questions.


  8. Fabio Assis

    Suggestion: if a video is not in english, put some kind of tag on the title.

    Novidades no WordPress 2.8 [PORTUGUES]

    • Michael Pick

      Thanks for the suggestion. At the moment we use language filtering, which you can activate from the front page and individual section pages to filter your results

  9. Zeht

    I´m latin american, put multi subtitles with languages, with option that change principal page.

    I think that any persons know english.

  10. Bill Bartmann

    Cool site, love the info.

  11. colette

    I think that it should be multi facet and have at least 7 major languages like : French ,German , Italian , Chinese Spanish and Russian and last Arabic. So that we can also communicate with wordpress to others in those languages. I am new to wordpress and I like it already.Itis clean as a whistle – very structured

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