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We’re listening to your feedback and trying to make WordPress.tv a resource that as many people as possible can enjoy.

So, in addition to wanting to share your videos and content, we’re also keen to make the content made over here as accessible as possible.

Last week, as the next step in making this happen, I uploaded our current batch of tutorials to an excellent online video community called dotSUB. So as of now, there’s a complete collection of videos for you to browse.

The difference is, at dotSUB you can quickly and easily add translations and transcriptions to the videos, as inline (but also downloadable) subtitles. To get the ball rolling I’ve transcribed almost all of the videos into English – which will hopefully make them more accessible to people – both those who might have English as a second language, and those that might have accessibility issues.

But that’s just the first step!

If you’d like to translate the videos into your language, dotSUB makes it super-easy. In the space of a couple of days I’d transcribed almost 40 videos into English, thanks to the very simple interface at dotSUB. All you’ll need to do is:

1) sign up for an account

2) click to translate the video you’re watching

3) provide a line-by-line translation of the transcribed English file

The great thing is that you don’t need to do it all at once – just dropping in a single sentence will help other WordPress users get up to speed on the video tutorials in your language. And if that language happens to be English and you spot a video that doesn’t have a transcription, please feel free to get stuck in and start transcribing the words. In doing so you’ll be doing a great service to your fellow WordPressers.

We’re looking forward to seeing how we can further integrate the subtitle experience into WordPress.tv itself, but in the meantime, if you’d like to play a part in making the tutorials more accessible – we hope you’ll join us in making the WordPress.tv dotSUB collection as multinational as WordPress users are.

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    I read for English study. Because a head is bad, memorizing is bad, but I understand it and want to get possible to talk. I am glad if I can write a sentence smoothly

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