Feeds glorious feeds – WordPress.tv to your door

5 responses on “Feeds glorious feeds – WordPress.tv to your door

  1. Nicolas

    Like the iTunes option. WP is all over my iPod now.

  2. Michael Pick

    Great – glad to hear it!

  3. Joshua Collins

    Are there plans to make WordPress.tv mobile friendly?

    It would be nice to watch some WordPress tutorials while waiting in the Dentist office 😉

    • Michael Pick

      Definitely on the agenda – in the meantime you could maybe download and convert files to a phone friendly media format. It would definitely be more convenient to browse and view from a browser, though – agreed

  4. Dougal Campbell

    Any plans to offer a separate feed of videos already optimized for iPhone?

    I was going to convert some, and was surprised at how slow the conversion is. Even on a quad-core MacPro with 8GB of RAM, converting even a short video of only a few minutes seems awfully sloooow.

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