WordPress.tv is hiring!

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  1. The Frosty @WPCult

    Good to know 🙂

  2. iish

    goodluck 😀

  3. Casper

    “Working with a person whose eyebrows outsize even Sylar’s”

    Hohoho, nice 1!

  4. Mikael Fritts


  5. Kevin Popovic

    Hey, guys – long time listener, first time caller. Very into WP as multimedia platform, not able to do the full-time but would be interested in contributing somehow. Check me out on LinkedIN and let me know if you’d like to talk. – kp

  6. sean

    i wish i r qualified 😦

  7. Salman

    Read the last line of last para: “We’d rather you didn’t apply in the comments or via the WordPress.tv contact form, and doing so will earn you 10 Suck-Points for not having read this ”

    and now read Kevin Popovic’s comment: “Hey, guys – long time listener, first time caller. Very into WP as multimedia platform, not able to do the full-time but would be interested in contributing somehow. Check me out on LinkedIN and let me know if you’d like to talk. – kp”

    Some people just don’t get it. Or let me express it the other way..some people love to top the suck list 😉

    I am off to the details page and then to my inbox. Let’s see IF I get the chance to burn my ass with some geek heads.

  8. Oz

    Wow…. good Information…

    By the way, are the jobs available to all over the world? I want to know if there is a job which is part-time job or can be done in mobile…

    • Michael Pick

      @oz We’re a virtual company – everyone works from home. Home is a bunch of countries around the planet – I’m in Japan, for instance.

  9. okmike

    Are you sure that is not Sylar?

    • Michael Pick

      @okmike – Pretty sure it’s me. Unless my memory got wiped by that Parkman guy 🙂

      • Joshua Collins

        That was a great episode! I can not wait for next season 😉

        Ok, off to gMail!

        I am sure I have the qualifications… Now, If I can just bump the other emails out somehow, or intercept them! Muhaha


  10. landschildkroetenzucht


  11. Vikas Gupta

    I wish I was qualified enough. Will surely apply if you need a writer in future! 🙂

    New Delhi

    P.S.: Snapshots sucks!

  12. Amorelle

    I would love this job!

  13. TMSmobileNews

    Wow! this is somewhat kinda interesting and with a twist for mobile users to view wordpress tv articles.

    Kinda, excited for WP to do this stuff. Who might be the lucky WP vj

  14. ◭humble✼pinion◮

    I wish I knew more about the site. I am more than happy to help…$$$$$ even better~! 😉

  15. the_guv


    whoever wins, pls drop me a line –

    – i’d love to show off some of my vid skills, and wordpress tutorial screencasts, at wp.tv

    good luck y’all.


    • Michael Pick

      We accept user-vids even now, feel free to ping us links or suggestions with the contact form up top

  16. kenamaddox

    I think I’m a little too angry the put on the Mary Poppins face right now. 🙂

  17. Michael Yip

    Good Luck guys, whoever that is applying. Wish I could be part of the team but Im sure there’s tons of people better

  18. Nik

    Greetings from Germany, folks!

    I emailed my application 4 days ago but haven’t had any confirmation you’ve received it.

    Is this standard company policy?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    • Michael Pick

      Hi Nik – we’re finalizing things today. As we don’t have a traditional HR department, the hundreds of applications are looked through and replied to individually, and by hand. Thanks for your patience, and for applying!

      • Bear

        Ahhhh! Are submissions closed already? Just checked the Automattic site and didn’t see the job description.

        • Michael Pick

          I’m afraid so. We had a gazillion applications, and wow are you people talented, smart over-achievers!

  19. v

    i should action right now and to be one of your “application’s email” .

  20. balakrishnanmechakkat


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  21. sdavood

    hi! i am a newcomer !what i have 2 do?

  22. Kenneth

    Who got the job?

  23. askjayson

    just sent you (jobs at automattic) an email my friend, you have to chat with me before you make your final decision, please, If you have not found the perfect person and I mean perfect then I hope to hear from you soon.

    All the best,
    Jayson T Cote

  24. Dharmang

    Nice but is it open to all?

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