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It’s been an exciting week in WordPress news with the launch of WordPress 3.0. I’m sure many of you are just now getting around to upgrading your WordPress blogs to the newest version, making plans to upgrade your site, or even interested in using WordPress for the first time with all the upgrade buzz going around.

I’d like to direct you to some of the videos hosted here on WordPress.tv that contain information on WordPress 3.0 to help you out.

The first place to stop is—of course—the announcement video that went up last week, with a quick overview of the new features and changes in WordPress 3.0. Take a look (if you haven’t already) and learn what’s coming when you click that Upgrade button in your Dashboard.

Next, there are a pair of videos from a recent WordPressNYC meetup: one from Steve Bruner, discussing some of the new customization techniques available in WordPress 3.0 and specifically the new Twenty Ten theme, and another from Boone Gorges about the new Multisite functionality baked in to core WordPress starting with 3.0.

For another take on the changes occurring in WordPress 3.0, Jane Wells’ keynote from Orange County WordCamp covers some of the changes made in 3.0 from another perspective—but also includes some notes on how you can get involved contributing to the greater WordPress project, and the goals of the new WordPress Foundation.

Lastly, if you’d like a peek into the future of WordPress, as mentioned in the announcement video, Matt Mullenweg‘s keynote from WordCamp San Francisco on the State of the Word is a great look at where WordPress is now and where it’s headed.

Notice something missing? We’re in need of tutorial screencasts for WordPress 3.0 to help users new to WordPress or new to the features in 3.0 learn how to use them. If you’ve created a screencast to help users of WordPress 3.0, or are thinking about doing so, please contact us here at WordPress.tv! We’d be very happy to look at your tutorial and consider it for publication here on WordPress.tv with the best of the best.

Enjoy WordPress 3.0!

4 responses on “WordPress 3.0 Videos

  1. tom

    I have upgraded all but 1 one of my sites so far. 3.0 seems pretty much the same as 2.9x with a few extras. I figured out all the mew stuff in now time at all. That is what I love about WordPress! =)
    BTW I watched all the above videos already just in case I missed something.

  2. abebudi

    I dont know, but this latest version (3.1) makes me so frustrated, because of many plugins couldn’t work properly, when I changed to 2.9.2 it seems more good then ever.

  3. Ryan

    I like the latest version, but when I save my draft, it’s not always saving my draft. Sometimes it takes 4 or 5 times before it will save my latest changes. I’m glad I noticed it wasn’t saving… I’m sure many people hit save and assume it was. Maybe it’s just my comp, but it kind of seemed like a glitch… Not sure though.

  4. yud2006

    are any of the changes makes it easier to handle SEO tasks for the blog?
    like – are things that usually were part of plugins – are they getting in to the product? (I don’t trust plugins)

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