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4 responses on “WordPress 3.0 Videos

  1. tom

    I have upgraded all but 1 one of my sites so far. 3.0 seems pretty much the same as 2.9x with a few extras. I figured out all the mew stuff in now time at all. That is what I love about WordPress! =)
    BTW I watched all the above videos already just in case I missed something.

  2. abebudi

    I dont know, but this latest version (3.1) makes me so frustrated, because of many plugins couldn’t work properly, when I changed to 2.9.2 it seems more good then ever.

  3. Ryan

    I like the latest version, but when I save my draft, it’s not always saving my draft. Sometimes it takes 4 or 5 times before it will save my latest changes. I’m glad I noticed it wasn’t saving… I’m sure many people hit save and assume it was. Maybe it’s just my comp, but it kind of seemed like a glitch… Not sure though.

  4. yud2006

    are any of the changes makes it easier to handle SEO tasks for the blog?
    like – are things that usually were part of plugins – are they getting in to the product? (I don’t trust plugins)

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