Meet the Moderators: AJ Morris

In the last post, we introduced moderator Ben Lobaugh. Today, we’re excited for you to meet another WordPress enthusiast behind the scenes, reviewing and publishing the best video content for

Everyone, meet AJ Morris.

AJ Morris
Owosso, Michigan

How did you get involved with WordPress?

I started blogging in 2006. WordPress was the natural choice back then, as I liked to fool around with servers and websites. As time went on, I started developing themes and plugins. I now work with a theme company and have several large contracts maintaining and developing WordPress-based websites for companies, bloggers, and everyone in between. I love the ease of use and flexibility that WordPress offers not only to developers, but content creators as well.

Why did you decide to become a moderator?

I love listening to people speak about WordPress. While I can’t financially support going to every WordCamp every year, I thought the next best thing was to get involved by helping to publish the WordCamp videos — and get to watch them first. It’s great, simple and fun, and easy to give back just a little to the WordPress community.

Got any essential tips for people interested in creating high-quality content for

Capture great audio! As nice as it is to see yourself in a video, I actually prefer that if you can’t get everything done well, to get at least the audio captured as best as you can.

An external Lavalier microphone on the speaker definitely helps. I’d also suggest a microphone to pass around for a Q&A session at the end of a presentation. This is helpful, since a lot of speakers don’t repeat the question.

There are some great videos on! What are your favorites?

Thanks for chatting with us, AJ!

Interested in getting involved? Apply to be a moderator. For more on video best practices, read our submission guidelines.

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