The Future of WordPress: Great videos from Matt Mullenweg and Andrew Nacin

Here are some recent videos from WordCamp Europe 2014 covering the past, present, and future of WordPress development.

Matt Mullenweg: Q&A with Om Malik

Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, in conversation with tech writer Om Malik on the WordPress past and present, as well as where we are going for the future.

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Andrew Nacin: Post-Modern WordPress

Andrew Nacin, lead developer for the WordPress open source project, discusses the philosophy of WordPress development, and the course it should and will take to keep growing.

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0 responses on “The Future of WordPress: Great videos from Matt Mullenweg and Andrew Nacin

  1. KedeElupe

    mm. really like it )

  2. Eduardo Laporte

    But it doesn’t explain HOW ACTIVATE THE MODERATION COMMENTS OPTIONS… I don’t find it anywhere my friends!!!

  3. Administrare

    hehe, good idea at all 🙂

  4. blog4readers

    yes…i was wondering how to make comments private and not post them…didn’t realize that you could “unapprove” them and they would still remain in the comment “folder”

    is there a way to save them to another area?

  5. Georginia Lee

    Little bit of confuse here, as above how to make comments private?

  6. naveena12

    i did not give comment option for visitor or reader but I am recieving comments i can see recent commets in worspress site admin panel how they are commenting and where are commenting i want to know, can you please help me out?

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