WordPress Community Interview Series with Ahmad Awais

Ahmad Awais is a Core Contributor, a Plugin Developer and also on the Polyglots Team.

He is one of the organizers of the Lahore Pakistan Meetup. The group was featured on WPTavern  last December. Over 500 people attended the meetup.

After the release of WordPress 4.6, Ahmad wrote:

WordPress 4.6 has been released. It is the 4th major version release where I was able to contribute code to the WordPress core. Giving back to the WordPress community; especially in the form of core contributions — has been an incredibly empowering and inherently humble experience for me

He is one of the moderators on the Facebook Advanced WordPress Group. The group recently held a Giveaway after surpassing 20,000 members. The WordPress Community responded by donating several thousands dollars worth of prizes. Ahmad and Maedah Batool spent over one hundred hours managing the giveaway. A complete list of prizes and sponsors can be seen here

3 responses on “WordPress Community Interview Series with Ahmad Awais

  1. webvigor

    No voice of Ahmad here.

  2. Jamil Ahmed

    Its awesome to see you Ahmed awais. I definitely proud on you being a core contributor from Pakistan. You are always here to help WordPress community not only from Pakistan but global as well. I hope we all together make an energetic Pakistani WordPress contributor team by conducting more workshops. I wish you a best of luck.

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