WordCamp Video Highlight 2017/05/28

Before I get to the highlighted videos for this week, I want to call attention to the 14th birthday of WordPress.

I had originally thought of featuring some of the articles and blog post that were published yesterday. This turned out to be difficult because of all the great content to choose from. So, I am choosing just one.

Matt Mullenweg -WordPress 14

“Today is 14 years from the very first release of WordPress. The interface I’m using to write this (Calypso) is completely unrecognizable from what WordPress looked and worked like even a few years ago.”

Now, for the videos.

Website Maintenance is something that I take for granted, maybe because I am overly cautious about backups, updates, broken links, missing images, spelling, etc. But to a new user or a client, it can be somewhat overwhelming.

Nemanja Aleksic: Getting Started With Website Maintenance

The question of WordPress website maintenance is a polarizing one: people either hate it, or consider it a magical money tree.

Carmen Krupar: Website Maintenance with WordPress

This is a workshop that we offer on a regular basis for our customers. It has become very popular and many take the course multiple times. WordPress sites cannot be a set-it-and-forget-it website. Regular maintenance is required.


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