WordCamp Video Highlight 2018/06/15

Meetups are a very important part of the WordPress Community.

There are currently over 550,000 people who take part in 1,370 Meetups around the world.

If you are interested in starting a Meetup in your area, the videos below contain good information for getting started.

Laura Hartwig: How To Start A WordPress Meetup In Your Town (And Why You Should)

This talk would be perfect for any of the groups.
I’ve been a WordPress Developer since 2010 and have spoken at two WordCamps and organized WordCamp CT in 2014. I’ve also run 2 different WP meetups and offer online and in-person WordPress training. I learned a lot from the WordPress community and am always trying to pay it forward.

Slides for this presentation can be found HERE.

WordPress Meetup – How to get started?

This session is about getting in touch with the community team and exchange your experiences about organizing WordPress Meetups or to help you starting one in your home town.

Slides for this presentation can be found HERE.

Finally, a testimonial from the Austin, Texas Meetup.


WordCamp Video Highlight 2017/06/09

Several months ago, the WordPress TV Team asked for videos from Meetups and Testimonials. We are very please with the videos that have been submitted!


Meetup Testimonial Costa Rica


Ben Meredith – “One of my favorite things about going to a new town is I get to check out what WordPress is doing”


WordPress Meetup Fryslân Aftermovie

An impression video of the WordPress Meetup Fryslân, Netherlands recorded on may 18th 2017.
Generally our meetings start with 2 different talks where we try to keep one talk developer focused with enough tech and code. The other talk is directed to a broader audience with more informative that is also use full without touching a line of code. We always close the evening with socializing, drinks and snacks.

Pablo Moratinos: Irun WordPress Meetup – Presentación

Meetup de presentación de la comunidad local de WordPress en Irun (Gipuzkoa).
Definición de objetivos de la comunidad e inquietudes de los participantes

Meetup of the local WordPress community in Irun, Spain.
Definition of community goals and concerns of participants




WordCamp Video Highlight 2017/03/10

On March 1st, Bridget Willard of the Marketing Team made a call to action and asked for Meetup Video Testimonials.

“Can you take a few moments to record a video testimonial with one of the attendees at each of your meetups? Nothing fancy, no special cameras, microphones or glaring lights. Just a camera phone and a good, honest story that will inspire others as they search for how to use WordPress for their own projects.”

In just a few days three videos testimonials have been published on WordPress TV.

Meetup Testimonial Costa Rica

This video is interesting in that hearing impaired people who participated in the WordCamp San Jose 2016 and 2017 meetups gave testimonies.

WordPress Meetup Chandigarh

Two videos came out of this meetup.

Alok Jain and his WordPress Story

Man Deep’s WordPress Story

Another member of the Marketing Team, Dave Navarro, says that impromptu videos are best.

“I work for a TV and Radio station in the midwest and I can tell you, from experience, that unpolished raw video has more of an impact on most people in social media than polished professional video.”

With all of the devices that are available to record video, don’t be afraid to take a few minutes to shoot testimonials and upload to WordPress TV.