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WordCamp Video Highlight 2016/10/21

Again, we are featuring videos from two different WordCamps.

WordCamp Tokyo 2016

This video from WordCamp Tokyo 2016 is not technical but is a fun look at the origin of the Wapuu figure that has spread throughout the WordPress World in the 5 years since its introduction. This presentation was given by the original illustrator Kazuko Kaneuchi and talks about the popularity of the Wapuu

Actually there is a website showcasing the various Wapuus that have been created and used for WordCamps. The website is

Slides for this presentation can be found HERE.

Also, this presentation by Mignon Style is about theme building for non-programmers. She has very nice slides so even if you don’t understand the talk it’s worth checking out.

Slides for this presentation can be found HERE.

My sincere thanks to Naoko Takano for her help with these videos.

WordCamp Antwerp 2016

This video from WordCamp Antwerp 2016 is a presentation by Thijs Feryn and concerns Scaling WordPress. He talks about optimizing your stack for better scalability, load balancing, session distribution, static file hosting and much more!

Slides for this presentation can be found HERE.

Something new that was introduced 3 weeks ago – WordPress TV Shortz. These are 1 to 2 minute videos giving updates (not news) from the team pages. So far updates have been given for Polyglots, Plugins, Mobile, Design, Core and Community Teams.

And don’t forget to go to WordPress TV for more great WordCamp videos!

WordCamp Video Highlight 2016/10/14

This week we feature videos from WordCamp Moscow 2016 and WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016.

Дмитрий Майоров: Как опубликовать свою тему в директорию WordPress

From WordCamp Moscow, Dmitry Mayorov talks about his experience of submitting a theme to the Theme Review Team. He discusses avoiding simple mistakes and what can be done to accelerate the process.

You can see his slides presentation here.

Kevin Hoffman: Demystifying Responsive Images in WordPress

In this video from WordCamp Pittsburgh, Kevin Hoffman talks about the demystifying responsive images and striking a proper balance between performance & quality.

You can see his slide presentation here.

For more great WordCamp videos go to WordPress TV.



Amazon Alexa + WP REST API = GUI-Less WordPress Application

Wow! Just wow. My friend and fellow WordPress TV team member Olegs Belousovs sent me information about the video featured below. Now, I consider myself somewhat of  a geek but when I saw Okamoto Hidetaka demonstrating the Alexa voice commands on the  Amazon Echo,,,, well, WOW!

Okamoto gave this presentation at WordCamp Singapore 2016 and showed how he and his team developed an app to control a WordPress website without a GUI (graphical user interface). He talks about the services needed, an Amazon account, an AWS account and an Amazon Echo.

The video is only 17 minutes long but shows how to get started on a project like this. Okamoto also supplied this link to their website: which has more details.

Slides for the presentation can be found here.

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WordCamp Video Highlight 2016/09/26

This week we have two videos from two WordCamps. One for beginners and one for developers.

First up is Jerett Farmer and his presentation at WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 titled WordPress By A Dummy.

Jerett has some help from a special friend and the audience as he helps new users prepare for their first website.

“This presentation would be great for brand new or newish users who wants a brief over view of getting a secure and easy to administer site up with as little trouble as possible.”


Next, from WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016 is Josh Pollock with The WordPress API and the Evolution of WordPress.

Josh talks about the possibilities of using the REST API to deliver better experiences and break expectations to users.

“In this talk, I will cover many of the possibilities for using WordPress in new and exciting ways as well as to improve how we build the most common elements of a WordPress site.”

For more great WordCamp videos go to WordPress TV.


The Humanity Of WordPress – Rich Robinkoff

Rich Robinkoff “nails it” during his presentation titled The Humanity of WordPress!

Rich gave this presentation at WordCamp Columbus on August 27th and again at WordCamp Pittsburgh on September 17th. I was lucky enough to be in attendance in Pittsburgh.

He talks about human interactions and the fact that people may not realize the impact they might have on somebodies life in just a short conversation. Rich gives several examples of the relationships that can be built and the giving nature of the WordPress Community.

Please watch until the end as Rich talks about the contributions to the WordPress Community by #WPMOM.

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Sell All the Things – Patrick Rauland

With the power of open-source you can do just about anything with your WordPress site which means you can sell just about anything. In this talk from WordCamp Albuquerque 2016, Patrick Rauland walks you through how you can sell all the things on your website.

Selling physical products, digital products, subscriptions, bookable products, configurable products, donations, etc are all possible with your WordPress site. This talk covers WordPress plugins, 3rd party services, and some best practices for building an e-commerce site.

Presentation Slides »

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Setting Up Shop (E-Commerce) – Derek Schmidt

From the stage of WordCamp Asheville 2016 Derek Schmidt takes you through a demonstration on how you can setup an e-commerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce. This talk also goes on to cover setting up various products and product types, setting up taxes, payment gateways and shipping rates. Derek also shares how you can connect to your customers and keep driving them back to your website for more conversions.

Presentation Slides »

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WordCamp Videos – Copywriting for SEO and improving your site security

Aaron Campbell: Website Security – The Big Picture w/ Simple Steps to Take

Security can be complex, intimidating, and even frightening. Don’t let the enormity of it scare you into inaction. Learn what some of the security researchers and security professionals deal with, and then find out some simple steps you can take to secure your sites.

More videos from WordCamp Europe 2016

Beyond SEO – Copywriting for professionals – Marieke van de Rakt & Joost de Valk

SEO has gone from a technical trade to being more marketing focussed. Joost & Marieke will talk about how to gain great rankings & satisfied visitors by writing good content. Focussing on SEO copywriting has a major pitfall. We give examples and tips on how to write a post that is both readable as well as SEO-friendly.

Presentation slides

More videos from WordCamp Europe 2016

Most popular this month

For the last month on we had a little under 100,000 visits to our little corner of the internet.  Here are the most popular videos from the last month.  Enjoy!

Mika Epstein: Plugin Reviews Demystified (How to Review a Plugin)

When you submit a plugin, it seems to fall into a big black box. Then, suddenly, you get an email telling you things that are incorrect and need some attention. What actually happens is at once incredibly simple and painstakingly annoying. I should know. I do it every single day. And I’m here to help you understand what it is.

Presentation Slides

Kyle Maurer and Adam Silver: WP Battles: Plugins vs. Themes

The classic contest. Themes against plugins. Which are better? Which can solve your problems, fix your site and grow your business? In this epic showdown we’ll explore the purposes and use cases, pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses of these two critical components of any WordPress website.

Presentation Slides

How to create child themes and multi-lingual blogs – Featured on

Corinne Welsh: My First Child Theme

Corrine Welsh explains how to get started with themes in WordPress, starting with a case study: why, why then, and why not sooner. From there she looks at the structure of a theme and walks through the steps of building a child theme. You may leave inspired to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty in theming after this great talk.

From WordCamp London 2016

Maciej Pilarski: How To Make Your WordPress Website Multilingual

In this presentation Maciej Pilarski goes into detail on how  to easily and quickly create a traditional multilingual website or eCommerce store.  He also compares most popular multilingual plugins and also shows how this can be done without using any plugins, as well as discusses the benefits to your business of going global and how this can be done in minutes.

From WordCamp London 2016