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Amazon Alexa + WP REST API = GUI-Less WordPress Application

Wow! Just wow. My friend and fellow WordPress TV team member Olegs Belousovs sent me information about the video featured below. Now, I consider myself somewhat of  a geek but when I saw Okamoto Hidetaka demonstrating the Alexa voice commands on the  Amazon Echo,,,, well, WOW!

Okamoto gave this presentation at WordCamp Singapore 2016 and showed how he and his team developed an app to control a WordPress website without a GUI (graphical user interface). He talks about the services needed, an Amazon account, an AWS account and an Amazon Echo.

The video is only 17 minutes long but shows how to get started on a project like this. Okamoto also supplied this link to their website: amimoto-ami.com which has more details.

Slides for the presentation can be found here.

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