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WordCamp Video Highlight 2017/04/21

No matter what your WordPress skill level is, you have no doubt heard about the WordPress REST API. If you are a user (like myself) there is some confusion about exactly what the REST API is and does. I picked two videos this week which are geared towards users.

REST: Representational State Transfer – A piece of software that functions as a connection between two different applications.

API: Application Programming Interface – describes an HTTP-based style of building APIs that is lightweight, user-friendly, highly compatible and works with high volumes of data.

You can also read this recent article on GoDaddy about the REST API.

Topher DeRosia: What’s a REST API and Why Should I Care?

The WordPress REST API is one of the most fundamentally important new aspects of WordPress, yet it’s rarely explained to people who aren’t developers.

Rachel McCollin: The REST API For The Rest of Us

The REST API is THE hot topic right now and almost every WordCamp in the past couple of years has featured talks aimed at developers who want to use it. But what does it mean for people who don’t have the skills to interact with it or aren’t able to ‘learn javascript. Deeply’?

Weekly Recap: Better WordPress Search, wp-config Tips, and More

One English tutorial, two French tutorials, and a couple of WordCamp videos—including one overdue—make up this week’s activity on WordPress.tv:

Last week, we saw Google Summer of Code participant Daryl Koopersmith’s presentation on the Elastic plugin for WordPress. This week, we published the presentation from fellow Summer of Code participant Justin Shreve on his work creating a Search API for WordPress. Both projects are quite interesting and their presentations from WordCamp NYC are definitely worth your time. The audio levels are a bit low, so turn up your speakers or grab a pair of headphones—don’t let the sound stop you from watching.

One we’ve been waiting for came in this week: the final “Ignite-style” presentation from WordCamp Seattle, in which Josh Harrison teaches some tips and tricks for the wp-config.php file. Since it’s Ignite-style, it lasts only five great minutes—check it out.

We also published two tutorials in French from our friends at WP Channel: Restaurer une base de données MySQL and Rediriger vos visiteurs en fonction des préférences de langues du navigateur.

Last, there’s a tutorial from the creators of the Snipi plugin for WordPress.org, explaining the installation of the plugin and how it interacts with both the “stock” WordPress gallery feature and the NextGEN Gallery plugin.

We received a handful of emails this week with suggestions for future content, and one or two pointing us to videos you’ve found interesting enough to want on WordPress.tv for others to see. Keep those suggestions coming! You can always post a comment here or contact us through our handy form.

Stay tuned for more from WordPress.tv!