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WordPress Community Interview With Catalina Alvarez

Catalina Alvarez in an Occupational Psychologist and resides in Spain. She is involved in the WordPress Community through her husband’s work. She has volunteered at several WordCamps in Spain and will be doing the same at WordCamp Europe 2017.

Catalina is pursuing her Master’s Degree by performing a survey about the Motivation and Burnout in the WordPress Community. She did an internship at HumanMade and found out that there is very little data available concerning a distributed workforce.


WordCamp Video Highlight 2017/04/28

I had heard the term “distributed workforce” well before I started using WordPress in 2010 but it wasn’t until I started volunteering with WordPress TV in 2014 that I began to understand (in a very small way) what that term actually meant.

According to Wikipedia – A distributed workforce is a workforce that reaches beyond the restrictions of a traditional office environment. A distributed workforce is dispersed geographically over a wide area – domestically or internationally. By installing key technologies, distributed companies enable employees located anywhere to access all of the company’s resources and software such as applications, data and e-mail without working within the confines of a physical company-operated facility.

Franz Vitulli: Slack and Beyond – Internal Communication for Distributed Companies

From WordCamp Nederland 2016, Franz talks about how Human Made defeats distance on a daily basis by using several tools and adapting them to our own needs.

In his presentation description, Franz makes reference to a statement made by British economist Frances Cairncross  while observing the spread of the Internet in the 1990s.“Distance will die.”

Lesley Molecke: Changing the world, one WordPress site at a time – How we built a successful, distributed WordPress firm serving nonprofits

From WordCamp Europe 2016, Lesley asks “Have you ever wanted to run your own agency? Ever looked around your office and thought, “I could do this better than these guys!”? Ever yearned for more influence and flexibility in your day job?”