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WordCamp Video Highlight 2018/09/28

I had the pleasure of attending WordCamp Pittsburgh on September 22, 2018. This is very convenient for me since it is only an hours drive. I had volunteered to help out with the video cameras. Jim Coyle was the lead for the video team and had everything well organized for the event. The videos will start to appear on WordPress.tv shortly. I had a great time, made some new friends and got to see some of my old WordPress friends. The event was well organized and ran smoothly.

Mark Dubois: How To Create Graphics When Your Are Graphically Challenged

I feel like this was done for me personally!

A hands on session. Participants are exposed to several tools, such as Adobe Spark, to quickly create higher quality graphics and videos for inclusion in their WordPress sites.

High quality content is more important than ever. We review approaches to generating such content quickly and for free.

Kelli Wise: Learn to Use Your WordPress Website PART 1

Content for beginners is always a good thing. As WordPress continues its growth, this type of information is essential.

You have this great WordPress website and now you want to know how to use it…….
What are all of those options for? What happens if you click on them? What if you click on the wrong thing?

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