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WordCamp Video Highlight 2018/01/19

We are almost three weeks into the new year and WordCamps are starting to get geared up. So far for 2017, 1,543 videos have been published on WordPress TV, with more videos being submitted. This is compared to the 1,804 total videos that were published for the year 2016.

I decided to feature two videos this week that are geared towards beginners.

Getting Started With WordPress

From WordCamp Kampala 2017 comes this video titled Getting Started With WordPress. Muakelele Rogers does a great job explaining how to perform a  basic installation of WordPress, setup a theme and creating a child theme.

Introduction to WordPress

And from WordCamp Ahmedabad 2017, Dhara Vihol has this Introduction to WordPress video. Dhara states: “WordPress” is a biggest buzzing word in the field of web development nowadays. Starting from 2003, WordPress has altered from just a blogging tool to a huge Web Development Platform.

If you have an interest in helping edit WordCamp videos, you can see a list here. Just jump in, download, edit and export. You can find editing instructions here.

Also, if you have any questions, you can reach out to the WPTV team members on the Slack channel – wordpress.slack.com.


WordCamp Video Highlight 2017/03/03

I think everybody would agree that there is some great content on WordPress TV BUT have you ever checked out the How To page?

Two of the most frequent contributors of How To videos are denisco and Jose Fremaint.

Обзор плагина Disable Comments. Отключаем комментарии на всем сайте.

A few days ago denisco submitted this video and talks about disabling comments.


How To Add Additional CSS To Your WordPress Theme

Jose talks about adding CSS to you theme and the benefits of doing so.

If you are interested in submitting a How To video, please feel free. Most computers have the ability to record screencast. A decent microphone completes the setup. There are plenty of of open source video editing programs available. Check the WordPress TV Submission Guidelines for details.