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WordCamp Video Highlight 2018/03/02

Lax: adjective, laxer, laxest: not strict or severe; careless or negligent; a lax attitude toward discipline.

That is pretty much me the last few months. I am making a concerted effort to get myself back on track. This weekend I am heading to WordCamp Lancaster and hope to get my WordPress mojo back in order.

This week I am trying to make up for the Friday’s I have missed by featuring four videos.

Ngonidzashe Mhuruyengwe: WordPress plugins… how many is too much?

Have you ever wondered just how many WordPress plugins you should use? Or how you ought to choose one from a hundred?

Michael Veenstra: The Anatomy Of A Hacked Site

In this talk, Michael will discuss the roadmap of a typical WordPress site getting “hacked”. From start to finish, he looks at how victims can be identified, how sites are breached, how persistent backdoors are established, and how the attackers will exploit the compromised site.

Luca Sartoni: The Art of Public Speaking – Italian

Communicating literally means sharing. It is something we do continuously, often without too much thinking about it, and communication experts tell us that it is impossible not to communicate.

Arturoquiros: Promoviendo el emprendimiento y creatividad con Neurociencia – Spanish

The guidelines for innovating in environments where people just do not want to “bother” and just want to earn a salary will be explored. It teaches the importance of being different and also shows the possible scenarios when someone “dares” to innovate and focuses a lot on human growth, as a main factor of innovation and shows from an entrepreneurial perspective, how to get to innovate and the challenges that suppose have the courage to do something new or improve the existing.