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Weekly Recap: Community Building, Local WordPress Installation, and a Request

I’m a little late to the party this weekend with last week’s recap, but we have a special request for all you viewers, so let’s get down to it.

This week we published one WordCamp video and one tutorial—a little light considering recent weeks, but this week also saw a great livestream from WordCamp Phoenix. I hope you were able to watch it—there were some great sessions included and we’re hoping to have them available on WordPress.tv soon.

The WordCamp video from was WordCamp Netherlands: Liz Strauss‘s presentation entitled “Meeting Your Audience Where They Are.” If you’re interested in community-building or in building a personal brand, it’s definitely worth a look.

On the tutorial side, we published a run-through by Tom Johnson on running a local copy of WordPress using WampServer. Local copies can have tremendous development potential; if you regularly develop themes or plugins, or just like to tinker with WordPress, local installation can be a great help.

So here’s the special request: I’d like you to take a moment and think up one thing—just one thing—you’d like to see covered in a video tutorial here at WordPress.tv. It can be anything WordPress-related, but here’s an exercise to focus your thinking.

Think of questions like: What do I wish someone had told me when I started using WordPress? What kinds of things seem hard at first but really aren’t once you get down to it? What feature of WordPress do I wish more people knew about and used? What’s the feature, plugin, or whatever that gives me an awesome productivity boost or makes me a better WordPress user?

Come up with one thing you’d like to see covered in a future video tutorial, and then send us an email using our handy contact form. We’ll take a look at those suggestions and report on them in a future week’s recap so you know what your fellow community members are asking for.

Until then, stay tuned for more WordPress.tv!