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WordPress 3.0 on the Horizon – Submit Your Videos!

This past Thursday, WordPress turned seven, an impressive feat and an awesome reminder of just how much this community has grown since WordPress first arrived. Later that same day, the first release candidate release of WordPress 3.0 was delivered to the world, complete with lots of updates, fixes, and yes, new features.

WordPress 3.0 brings some changes. Multisite installations of WordPress now come from the same download, a handful of alterations have been made behind the scenes, and a brand new interface for creating navigation menus is coming.

With these updates in mind, we’re bringing you a pair of videos today from the most recent WordPress NYC Meetup, which was titled “WordPress 3.0: What You Need to Know.” The first video is a presentation by Steve Bruner on some of the new methods of customizing WordPress in 3.0, including custom post types and menu management, and the second is from Boone Gorges, demonstrating the new built-in multi-site ability.

WordPress 3.0 is just around the corner, and this is a perfect opportunity to create and submit a tutorial for publication on WordPress.tv! WordPress users will be looking for help with these new features. You might be the teacher they need to advance their knowledge of their favorite publishing platform. Have you been working with the beta versions of WordPress 3.0? Are you a developer, designer, or power user? We feature great tutorials from WordPress users around the world on WordPress.tv, and you too can be a WordPress.tv Producer.

If you’ve created a video tutorial that you’d like to see published on WordPress.tv, please drop us an email and let us know what you’ve made. We’ll be happy to take a look at it and follow up with you for more information.

And share the word! If you see a tutorial on WordPress.tv that you think would be useful for your friends or blog readers, feel free to grab the embed code from the video and embed the video on your own blog!

Weekly Recap: Site Planning—and WordPress.tv Needs Your Videos!

Three more French-language tutorials and one video tutorial make up this week on WordPress.tv:

First, our friends at WP Channel have produced yet another great set of WordPress tutorials: Configurer les clés de sécurité secrètes dans le wp-config.php, Optimiser la base de données MySQL de WordPress, and Intégrer un module Facebook Connect sur votre blog WordPress.

Also, Scott Ellis has provided us with another nice tutorial. In Building The Ultimate Website Content Map, Part One, he discusses some of the work that happens before you get going in creating a WordPress site—figuring out how you’re going to organize it. Past tutorials from Scott on custom fields and using sort order have been well-received, and all are worth your time.

This week, I’d like to focus on the community aspect of WordPress.tv. As with both Scott and the videos from WP Channel this week, some of the best tutorials and walkthroughs on WordPress.tv are videos that were produced by WordPress users and community members just like you.

As we’re entering a pretty quiet time for WordCamps—approaching the holiday season—WordPress.tv has had some pretty slow weeks recently. It doesn’t have to be so! You’ve seen what others in the community are capable of. Why not take the time to compose your own video tutorial and submit it for publication here on WordPress.tv?

To get you started, you can check out our submission guidelines or a handy list of screencasting resources that Michael put together earlier this year. Then, pick a topic! Find something about WordPress that excites you or that you feel you’re skilled with. Think about how you would teach someone how to do something or use a plugin, theme, or feature as well as you do. Then, get recording!

When you have your video together, contact us and we’ll be happy to take a look. If you have any questions, either contact us through the same form or feel free to leave a comment here—we’ll be happy to help you figure things out!

WordPress.tv and You – One Week On

It’s been an awesome first week for WordPress.tv, and we’ve already received a huge amount of really helpful feedback, and some great suggestions and submissions for content.

We’re taking notes here and logging all of your requests, suggestions and the links to videos you’ve been sending in. Please do keep them coming.

If you’re thinking about submitting a video, we now have some submission guidelines that should help you to zero in on the kind of thing we’re looking for. The key things are to keep your videos (be they screencasts, vodcasts or WordCamp footage) clear, current, concise and concentrated. Think about the kind of things you’d look for in a video about WordPress, and you won’t go far wrong.

And whether you’ve made some videos yourself, or have stumbled upon some cool stuff out there on the interweb, ping us some links via our contact form. Likewise, if you find something that’s missing and you’d like to see – we’re all ears.

Some of the things you’ve been telling us you’d like to see more of include WordPress.org basics – such as getting installed and set up; tips on theme design (check out the three part CSS-Tricks series we just published); plugin demos and development videos; better filtering of WordPress.com & WordPress.org content; tutorials for intemediate and advanced users; and a bunch more stuff besides. As we start to add more international content, we’ll make sure you can filter by language, too.

We’re working on making all that happen – and hope you’ll join us in making WordPress.tv a killer resource for all things WordPress.