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WordCamp Video Highlight 2016/11/11

Before we get started on this week’s videos, we want to call attention to the Polyglots Team translation efforts on November 12th. Global WordPress Translation Day 2 is a 24 hour event dedicated to translating WordPress and making it available to more people around the world.

This week we again feature two videos from two different WordCamps.

Pippin Williamson and Caleb Burks: eCommerce Town Hall

From WordCamp Denver, Pippin and Caleb discuss eCommerce in a Town Hall setting.

Building a WordPress site is one thing – turning that site into a revenue-generating machine is another.

Ivana Ćirković: How I Met Your WordPress

This video is from WordCamp Bucharest and features Ivana Ćirković talking about her WordPress journey. Ivana discusses her start as a blogger / website owner and goes through her experience of learning about WordPress, SEO and customer relations.

Talking about her experience with WordPress from the beginnings, Ivana wants to inspire others to be part of this growing community and share all the benefits WordPress has to offer.

Her slide presentation can be seen HERE.

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