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WordCamp Video Highlight 2016/10/21

Again, we are featuring videos from two different WordCamps.

WordCamp Tokyo 2016

This video from WordCamp Tokyo 2016 is not technical but is a fun look at the origin of the Wapuu figure that has spread throughout the WordPress World in the 5 years since its introduction. This presentation was given by the original illustrator Kazuko Kaneuchi and talks about the popularity of the Wapuu

Actually there is a website showcasing the various Wapuus that have been created and used for WordCamps. The website is wapu.us.

Slides for this presentation can be found HERE.

Also, this presentation by Mignon Style is about theme building for non-programmers. She has very nice slides so even if you don’t understand the talk it’s worth checking out.

Slides for this presentation can be found HERE.

My sincere thanks to Naoko Takano for her help with these videos.

WordCamp Antwerp 2016

This video from WordCamp Antwerp 2016 is a presentation by Thijs Feryn and concerns Scaling WordPress. He talks about optimizing your stack for better scalability, load balancing, session distribution, static file hosting and much more!

Slides for this presentation can be found HERE.

Something new that was introduced 3 weeks ago – WordPress TV Shortz. These are 1 to 2 minute videos giving updates (not news) from the make.wordpress.org team pages. So far updates have been given for Polyglots, Plugins, Mobile, Design, Core and Community Teams.

And don’t forget to go to WordPress TV for more great WordCamp videos!