WordPress Community Interview With Naoko Takano

When the idea of having video interviews on the WordPress TV blog was discussed during one of our weekly team chats, my mind immediately started to churn. I hope to make these interviews as varied and diverse as the WordPress Community itself. If you have an idea for an interview, please use the Contact Form on the WordPress TV blog page.

Also, I need to state that the Video Submission Guidelines will be followed for all interviews.

Naoko Takano

This week I had the privilege of talking with Naoko Takano, who is on the Global Team at Automattic. She discussed WordCamps, the WordPress Community and in particular the WordPress Community in Japan.



2 responses on “WordPress Community Interview With Naoko Takano

  1. Annette Völckner

    Hi John, Thank you for the effort. It’s great to have the chance to see the community members while listening to their thoughts instead of reading about it “only”.

  2. John Parkinson

    Thanks Annette! I appreciate the comment. I am having a blast doing these interviews.

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