WordCamp Video Highlight 2018/08/10

GlotDict, Pte-Bot and BulkRejectGP – Why Your Community Needs A Glossary


From a gathering at a 2017 WordPress Meetup in Torino comes this video about the Core Team. This Meetup group has over 30 videos available on WordPress.tv. You can take a look at them HERE.

John Blackbourn: Contributor Night #1 – Team Core

The Contributor Nights will be dedicated to studying and working together: every month we will select one of the active teams on make.wordpress.org. For some teams we can count on the support of Italian and foreign leads, while for others we will manage with the studio, reading the documentation, going to see what are the active discussions on trac and on Slack.

For this first evening we are happy to have with us John Blackbourn, WordPress engineer at Human Made and one of the WordPress Core developer, who will help us to discover the Core team.

Feel Like Contributing?

If you have any interest in becoming involved in the WordPress community, take a look at the Get Involved page at WordPress.org.

Whether you’re a budding developer, a designer, or just like helping out, we’re always looking for people to help make WordPress even better.
If you want to get involved in WordPress, this is the place to be. We’ve got blogs for each contributor group, general news, and upcoming events.



WordCamp Video Highlight 2017/12/22

This week I have two videos highlighted and a website that has a mockup the Gutenberg Editor.

But first, some humor! I literally stumbled across this video while doing a search for some podcast information. It is flat out HILARIOUS! As someone who has had a passion for podcasting that went unfulfilled for several years, this is too funny not to pass along.

From the website College Humor is this video titled “Don’t Start a Podcast.”


Now, onto the video highlights. I am featuring two videos geared towards beginners.

Tessa Kriesel: Beginners Guide To WordPress Workflow

At WordCamp DC 2017, Tessa talks about migration, local environments and how to connect everything together to find your perfect developer workflow.

Justina Baskyte: Beginners guide to WooCommerce

And from WordCamp Riga 2017, Justina talks about how she fell in love with WordPress more than 10 years ago and never looked back. She specializes in e-commerce.

And last but certainly not least……

Tom J Nowell is a VIP Wrangler at WordPress.com VIP for Automattic. He reviews and deploys millions of lines of code each year for large sites at scale.

Tom recently created this website that allows visitors to experiment with the Gutenberg Editor without actually installing it on their websites.


Check it out, it is pretty cool!




WordCamp Video Highlight 2017/11/17

With the release of WordPress 4.9, which includes the Gutenberg Editor and all of the buzz leading up to it, I thought I would feature 2 videos that highlight the editor.

At WordCamp Sofia, Mauricio Gelves gave this presentation titled “The Gutenberg Project: pros and cons for this big change in WordPress.”

Gutenberg is the name of the new content editor you will be using in the version 5.0 of WordPress. After a lot of years using TinyMCE, WordPress will introduce a new editor in its administrator interface that will allow us to create and edit content in a more efficient and simple way. Join Mauricio Gelves in his talk to see the different pros and cons of this big change in the WordPress history.

And from WordCamp Dublin, Tammie Lister gave this presentation “Getting to know Gutenberg”

Gutenberg is the name of the new content editor you will be using in the version 5.0 of WordPress. After a lot of years using TinyMCE, WordPress will introduce a new editor in its administrator interface that will allow us to create and edit content in a more efficient and simple way. Join Mauricio Gelves in his talk to see the different pros and cons of this big change in the WordPress history.

Slides for her presentation can be found HERE.

Also, tickets are still available for WordCamp US!




WordPress Community Interview With Ivica Delic

Ivica Delic is 45 years old, lives in Croatia and loves technology, especially WordPress.

Ivica was searching for WordPress groups on Facebook and decided that he wanted to create a comprehensive list of these groups. This was a way he could ‘give back’ to the WordPress Community. During his research, he became more and more active, eventually becoming an assistant administrator to several groups. He has also created groups such as WordPress Speed Up and Quality WordPress Groups. The later is a place for people to go, not to ask questions, but to find a group that could answer a specific question. You can a list of over 80 WordPress Groups on Facebook HERE.

He also created a closed group for Administrators only. Here, they discuss ways to combat spam, trolls and other issues that plague groups on Facebook.

Ivica also started a website, Free Lancers Tools which is a resource of various quality tools (some free, others paid) that freelancers may have a need for. There are 6 categories and 15 sub categories.

WordCamp Video Highlight 2017/07/14

I sincerely apologize for missing the video highlight last week. Sometimes real life interferes with our WordPress interest.

This week I am featuring two videos that have to do with the legal aspects of blogging, social media, clients, copyrights, etc. This is something that I doubt a lot of people spend a lot of time thinking about (me!). I learned a lesson recently about live streaming video and all of the ramifications of not having permissions to use certain content.

The first video comes from WordCamp Udaipur 2017.

Mridul Goswami: Contracts, Copyrights and Other Legal Aspects

Mridul Goswami is a practicing Lawyer with over 3 years of experience and a keen interest in technology. Along with this he has been a web developer for last 5 years. In this talk Mridul shares the importance of setting up correct contracts with clients and essentials for the terms and conditions of a web project.

From WordCamp Phoenix 2016 comes this video about other legal aspects.

Ruth Carter, Esq.: The Lawyer Is In! Legal Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging and Social Media

Open Q&A with lawyer/blogger Ruth Carter on the legal dos and don’ts of social media. Topics can include copyright, trademark, FTC compliance, privacy, defamation, employment issues, business formation, and contracts. This is your time to get answers to your burning legal questions about blogging and social media.



WordPress Community Interview With Florian Gottschall

Florian Gottschall is a professional videographer who fell in love with his trade at an early age. He attended the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut (Bavaria) and has had his own business since 2011. He became involved with WordPress in 2010.

Florian and a group of volunteers attended WordCamp Europe and spent their time recording videos of attendees, volunteers, speakers, etc. The videos can be seen on WordPress TV and the WordPress TV YouTube channel.

Because of his commitment to WordPress, Florian has offered WordCamps and Meetups a free subscription for the Vinubis video editor plugin. Feel free to contact him on the plugin website.

WordPress Community Interview With Dave Navarro

Dave is the Director of Digital Media for Alpha Media Topeka, which is a group of radio stations. His primary duties include development of a common WordPress platform for websites in multiple radio markets. He also does plugin development on the side for numerous clients.

He is a part of the WordPress Marketing Team and also spends time with the Core Team.

Dave recently gave a presentation on using Facebook Live at his radio station and states “In mid 2016 we started using Facebook Live! By the end of 2016, we saw over 9000% growth in Page Likes and Engagement with our audience”.

WordCamp Video Highlight 2017/04/15

WPTV Wapuu!

Many thanks to Frank Neumann-Staude for sending the Wapuus below. They were created by Martin Purrer at the WordPress Meetup Würzburg. Frank stated that Martin is the one who also made the great Polyglot Wapuus which can be seen at https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/handbook/about/what-we-do/logos-and-graphics/.

Many thanks to Frank, Martin and the people at the WordPress Meetup Würzburg!

Video Highlight

What kind of views do the videos on WordPress TV receive?

After intensive searching, analyzing and examining data for several minutes, here are some results.

As expected, any video featuring Matt Mullenweg has a lot of views. The State of the Word 2015 has 12,670 views and the Interview and Q&A – WordCamp Europe 2016 has 6,820 views so far.

But, what about the average presentation at a WordCamp?

Of course, it depends on the speaker and the subject of the presentation. The average video gets about 200 views on WordPress TV.

Ben Furfie: It’s Time To Stop Selling Support and Start Selling Updates

Overall, the WordPress TV videos are receiving almost 4,000 views per day.

I believe this is a testament to the speakers, volunteers and organizers of WordCamps, Meetups and other WordPress related events.



WordPress Community Interview With Brittney Moffatt

Brittney Moffat resides in northern Ohio in the US and has been using WordPress for one year. She is the Social Media and Marketing Assistant at a local child care agency.

For the past few months I have been choosing people to interview basically at random, I would take a look at a recent WordCamp, scan the list of speakers and contact someone who I thought would have an interesting message.

I met Brittney at WordCamp NEO in June and then again at WordCamp Ann Arbor. I approached her about doing an interview for three reasons: she was fairly new to WordPress; she is enthusiastic and she was in the same time zone as myself! Just kidding about the time zone thing.

We talk about her experiences at WordCamps, the WordPress Community and her involvement in the local WordPress Meetup group.

Brittney, good luck in your very first presentation next month!

For more interviews click HERE.

Data-Driven SEO with Google Analytics – Rebecca Haden

SEO can be confusing if you rely on tips and tricks. Instead, you can rely on data from your own website.This presentation by Rebecca Haden from  WordCamp Fayetteville 2016 helps you to get to know Google Analytics and other analytics tools with WordPress plugins, find the actionable information in your analytics reports, and implement your own SEO strategy.

Presentation Slides »

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