WordCamp Video Highlight 2017/12/22

This week I have two videos highlighted and a website that has a mockup the Gutenberg Editor.

But first, some humor! I literally stumbled across this video while doing a search for some podcast information. It is flat out HILARIOUS! As someone who has had a passion for podcasting that went unfulfilled for several years, this is too funny not to pass along.

From the website College Humor is this video titled “Don’t Start a Podcast.”


Now, onto the video highlights. I am featuring two videos geared towards beginners.

Tessa Kriesel: Beginners Guide To WordPress Workflow

At WordCamp DC 2017, Tessa talks about migration, local environments and how to connect everything together to find your perfect developer workflow.

Justina Baskyte: Beginners guide to WooCommerce

And from WordCamp Riga 2017, Justina talks about how she fell in love with WordPress more than 10 years ago and never looked back. She specializes in e-commerce.

And last but certainly not least……

Tom J Nowell is a VIP Wrangler at WordPress.com VIP for Automattic. He reviews and deploys millions of lines of code each year for large sites at scale.

Tom recently created this website that allows visitors to experiment with the Gutenberg Editor without actually installing it on their websites.


Check it out, it is pretty cool!




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