WordCamp Video Highlight 2017/04/15

WPTV Wapuu!

Many thanks to Frank Neumann-Staude for sending the Wapuus below. They were created by Martin Purrer at the WordPress Meetup Würzburg. Frank stated that Martin is the one who also made the great Polyglot Wapuus which can be seen at https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/handbook/about/what-we-do/logos-and-graphics/.

Many thanks to Frank, Martin and the people at the WordPress Meetup Würzburg!

Video Highlight

What kind of views do the videos on WordPress TV receive?

After intensive searching, analyzing and examining data for several minutes, here are some results.

As expected, any video featuring Matt Mullenweg has a lot of views. The State of the Word 2015 has 12,670 views and the Interview and Q&A – WordCamp Europe 2016 has 6,820 views so far.

But, what about the average presentation at a WordCamp?

Of course, it depends on the speaker and the subject of the presentation. The average video gets about 200 views on WordPress TV.

Ben Furfie: It’s Time To Stop Selling Support and Start Selling Updates

Overall, the WordPress TV videos are receiving almost 4,000 views per day.

I believe this is a testament to the speakers, volunteers and organizers of WordCamps, Meetups and other WordPress related events.



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  1. Frank Neumann-Staude

    The WPTV and Polyglots Wapuus can downloaded in my GitHub Repo

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