WordPress Community Interviews With Matt Cromwell and Jeff Matson

This week I have interviews with two people who are big proponents of the WordPress Community. WordCamps, Meetups, hallway tracks, community and WordPress TV are discussed.

Matt Cromwell

Matt is the Head of Support and Community Outreach at WordImpress, who built the Give Donation Plugin. He also is plugin and theme developer.

Matt is married with four children and also dabbles in U.S. history, politics, religion and music.

Jeff Matson

Jeff is a Documentation Mercenary at Gravityforms. He contributes to the WordPress and BuddyPress projects and is the  creator of the notifybot plugin.

Next week: We learn about another group that hold events similar to WordCamps.

3 responses on “WordPress Community Interviews With Matt Cromwell and Jeff Matson

  1. Ahmad Awais

    Excellent quick interviews, John!

    @Matt Thank you! for your kind words about me and the giveaway at AWP. Matt’s one of my best developer friends in the WordPress community, he is very generous and actively contributes towards FOSS (free and open source software).

    @Jeff Couldn’t get enough of your tattoos 😛 especially, the WordPress one. Anywho, NotifyBot is looking excellent.

    BTW thank you both of you for contributing to the AWP’s giveaway.

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