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WordPress Community Interview With Doc Pop

Doc Pop (not his real name) is a Jack of all trades, a musician, artist, dramatic yo-yoist, and video game designer-wizard. He does the weekly WordPress News Drop at Torque. These are one or two minute videos talking about news in the WordPress world. I had been watching these for several months and finally decided to take a chance and contacted Doc about doing this interview. I honestly don’t know why I worry about being refused. The response and positive feedback is amazing!

Doc talks about his work at Torque (which includes the Torque Toons), attending WordCamps and creating videos.

To say that I get pumped up when I do these interviews is an understatement. I always learn something new about this Community that we are involved in.

The Humanity Of WordPress – Rich Robinkoff

Rich Robinkoff “nails it” during his presentation titled The Humanity of WordPress!

Rich gave this presentation at WordCamp Columbus on August 27th and again at WordCamp Pittsburgh on September 17th. I was lucky enough to be in attendance in Pittsburgh.

He talks about human interactions and the fact that people may not realize the impact they might have on somebodies life in just a short conversation. Rich gives several examples of the relationships that can be built and the giving nature of the WordPress Community.

Please watch until the end as Rich talks about the contributions to the WordPress Community by #WPMOM.

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WordPress Community Interview Series with Josepha Haden

I am very grateful to have been able to interview Josepha Haden this past Friday. This actually happened quickly and we were able to schedule a chat in just two days.

Joespha is an Automattician who is able to contribute to several area of the WordPress Community. She blogs at Stars And The Moon where she writes about a variety of subjects including food and Pepper.

She comes from a long line of writers and was challenged at a young age to be a life long learner.

At WordCamp US 2015, Josepha gave a presentation titled Communities and The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense which was based on a book written by her grandmother, Susan Haden Elgin. There are some very interesting concepts about communication skills and patterns which make a difference on how other people perceive you.

As with the other interviews I have recorded, I learned something new while talking with Josepha. Besides that, she is one of those people who always has a smile on her face and a kind word.


WordPress Community Interviews With Matt Cromwell and Jeff Matson

This week I have interviews with two people who are big proponents of the WordPress Community. WordCamps, Meetups, hallway tracks, community and WordPress TV are discussed.

Matt Cromwell

Matt is the Head of Support and Community Outreach at WordImpress, who built the Give Donation Plugin. He also is plugin and theme developer.

Matt is married with four children and also dabbles in U.S. history, politics, religion and music.

Jeff Matson

Jeff is a Documentation Mercenary at Gravityforms. He contributes to the WordPress and BuddyPress projects and is the  creator of the notifybot plugin.

Next week: We learn about another group that hold events similar to WordCamps.

Weekly Recap: Community Building, Local WordPress Installation, and a Request

I’m a little late to the party this weekend with last week’s recap, but we have a special request for all you viewers, so let’s get down to it.

This week we published one WordCamp video and one tutorial—a little light considering recent weeks, but this week also saw a great livestream from WordCamp Phoenix. I hope you were able to watch it—there were some great sessions included and we’re hoping to have them available on WordPress.tv soon.

The WordCamp video from was WordCamp Netherlands: Liz Strauss‘s presentation entitled “Meeting Your Audience Where They Are.” If you’re interested in community-building or in building a personal brand, it’s definitely worth a look.

On the tutorial side, we published a run-through by Tom Johnson on running a local copy of WordPress using WampServer. Local copies can have tremendous development potential; if you regularly develop themes or plugins, or just like to tinker with WordPress, local installation can be a great help.

So here’s the special request: I’d like you to take a moment and think up one thing—just one thing—you’d like to see covered in a video tutorial here at WordPress.tv. It can be anything WordPress-related, but here’s an exercise to focus your thinking.

Think of questions like: What do I wish someone had told me when I started using WordPress? What kinds of things seem hard at first but really aren’t once you get down to it? What feature of WordPress do I wish more people knew about and used? What’s the feature, plugin, or whatever that gives me an awesome productivity boost or makes me a better WordPress user?

Come up with one thing you’d like to see covered in a future video tutorial, and then send us an email using our handy contact form. We’ll take a look at those suggestions and report on them in a future week’s recap so you know what your fellow community members are asking for.

Until then, stay tuned for more WordPress.tv!