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WordCamp Video Highlight 2016/12/16

I have a confession to make. This first video is one that I have been keeping a look out for since it was done at WordCamp Ann Arbor 2016. I admit that I may have a jaundiced view point, kind of like – If I hit my finger with this 16 pound sledge hammer, it MAY hurt.

Kyle Maurer and Adam Silver: WP Battles – Hacker vs. Webmaster

Ladies and gentleman, its Cyber Shield (Adam Silver) versus Malwarious (Kyle Maurer), its good versus evil, cute cats and puppies versus mean people.

The Internet is a battleground. It’s true. Every minute of every day, a war is being fought.

This is actually the third WP Battle presentation these two have done. A rap battle was done at WordCamp Ann Arbor 2015 and then a political style debate at WordCamp NEO 2016.

Pippin Williamson: Answers by Pippin

I had the misfortune of presenting in the same time slot as Pippin at a WordCamp a couple of years ago. I had three people (two feel asleep) and he had a standing room only crowd. This video is from WordCamp US 2016.

Pippin will answer some of the questions he is asked most often in regard to plugin development, business, managing a team, life, and other subjects.

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WordPress Community Interview With Anil Gupta

First, I would like to thanks Nirmal Desai who introduced me to Anil and helped arrange this interview. Nirmal is one of the WordPress TV Team members

Anil Gupta is a developer and resides in Ahmedabad, India. Anil and Aslam Multani started a company called Multidots in a rented apartment, two old computers, bad internet service and turned it into a company that now employs over 100 people worldwide and delivers professional web and mobile solutions.

Anil has a great philosophy towards the company, clients and crew (employees). You can read about the company and their relationship ideas in a Linkedin post that Anil posted HERE.

At Multidots we have this engine which shows how these three “C” (Company, Clients and Crew) are connected and responsible. There are three entity in the business – Company, Clients, Crew (Employee)! We really need to align them well. It would not only help company to grow and get better success but would help client and employee to achieve their goals and satisfaction.


Anil and his partner encourage employees to become involved in WordPress and to give back to the community. Chetan is one of the  team members that contributed for the recent release of WordPress 4.7, Chirag Patel is a Polyglots Team Editor and took part in the Global WordPress Translation Day 2 and as I had mentioned before, Nirmal Desai is an active member of the WordPress TV Team.

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WordCamp Video Highlight 2016/12/09

As a WordPress user (maybe you can read that as an intermediate beginner), a lot of the content on WordPress TV is very interesting to me: SEO, REST API, blogging, themes, plugins, etc. Now, implementing what I watch in the videos is another issue best not discussed here.

These two videos come from WordCamp Milano 2016 which was held on October 22nd.

Torsten Landsiedel: The Child-Theme-Dilemma

In his presentation, Torsten talks about the reasons users should use child themes to make customizations to their sites.

A talk for people who don’t want to be beginner any longer and need to be intermediates. 

Slides for his presentation can be seen HERE.

Bernhard Kau: Child Plugins

Wait…..whaaaat? Child Plugins? That is correct! Bernard discusses the concept of a “child” plugin to make modifications without making changes to the original code.

In this session I would like to present some of there techniques and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

Slides for his presentation can be found HERE.

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WordPress Community Interview With Katarzyna Janoska

Katarzyna Janoska resides in Łódź, Poland and is a front end developer as part of the distributed team at OnTheGoSystems.

She recently spoke at WordCamp Gdynia 2016 about working remotely and the pros and cons contained therein. She stated that she has a habit of not knowing when to stop working and take a break. Katarzyna (or Kasia) said that she received a lot of comments and suggestions from her audience after her presentation. You can see her presentation HERE.

We talk about WordPress Community in Poland and WordUps in Poland.


WordCamp Video Highlight 2016/12/02

I am a WordPress user and I am sure there are a lot of folks like myself who are confused to a certain extent about what exactly the REST API is and does. I hope that these two videos will help users and beginners have a better understanding of what the  REST API is capable of.

Siobhan McKeown: The WordPress REST API – A Guide for the Perplexed

Siobhan McKeown gave this presentation at WordCamp Milano 2016. The talk is geared towards non-developers where she explains the concept behind the WordPress REST API.

Everyone’s taking about the WordPress REST API. Everyone says that it’s going to transform WordPress. But what actually is it?

Michael Martin: WordPress Rest API – How To Build A Webapp

Michael Martin’s presentation at WordCamp Belfast 2016 is about using building apps using custom post types, meta boxes, and the REST API.

Building a single page app in React or Angular and need to let the client manage content? Or support multiple languages?

Slides for his presentation can be found HERE.

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WordPress Community Interview With Blessing Mpofu and James van der Hoven

I am publishing two interviews this week because, well, basically I screwed up. I have been randomly choosing people to contact after looking at recent WordCamp sites. I was looking at the WordCamp Cape Town 2016 website and I just happened to contact Blessing and James within a few hours of each other. They both replied that they would be happy to chat.

Blessing Mpofu

Blessing works as a Team Director and Digital Media Manager. He also blogs about inspiration and leadership at blessing.im. On his blog About page, Blessing states the following – “You haven’t led until you lead people who, in a sense, don’t really have to follow you, but do so by choice”.

Blessing is also working toward his degree in Theology.

You may notice a slightly different format to the video. Blessing wanted to use a video conferencing service called Zoom. It worked great! It looks like each person on the “call” can record their own video. There are some other nice options as well.

James van der Hoven

James is the owner of Vane Digital and gave a talk at WordCamp Cape Town 2016 titled “Integrating OroCRM into WooCommerce”. He leads a team who are “capable of implementing the best performing ecommerce solutions for our clients and to ensure the smooth integration and automation of their business processes“.

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WordCamp Video Highlight 2016/11/25

Before I get to the video highlights this week, I wanted to put out a call to action.

While searching for videos to highlight I came across the fact that there are only 109 videos from WordPress Meetups. I took a quick look at Meetup.com and found out that there are over 1,100 WordPress Meetup groups with 376,000 members. I know it can be inconvenient to setup a video camera to record a meeting but I think that these would be a fantastic addition to WordPress TV. You can upload WordPress related videos on the WordPress TV Submit Page.

Now….on to the videos!

Pascal Birchler: Internationalization Improvements in WordPress 4.6 And Beyond

This video comes to us from WordCamp Geneva.

In this talk, Pascal talks about all the recent improvements to i18n (internationalization) and l10n (localization) in WordPress 4.6 and upcoming versions.

Adam W. Warner: WordPress Security for Beginners – Simple Steps to Build Your Master Plan

From WordCamp Baltimore, Adam Warner talks about the fact that security can seem intimidating and complex for many of us, but we shouldn’t (can’t) let that stop us from making sure we’re doing everything we can to secure our WordPress sites.

His presentation slides can be seen HERE.

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WordPress Community Interview With Brittney Moffatt

Brittney Moffat resides in northern Ohio in the US and has been using WordPress for one year. She is the Social Media and Marketing Assistant at a local child care agency.

For the past few months I have been choosing people to interview basically at random, I would take a look at a recent WordCamp, scan the list of speakers and contact someone who I thought would have an interesting message.

I met Brittney at WordCamp NEO in June and then again at WordCamp Ann Arbor. I approached her about doing an interview for three reasons: she was fairly new to WordPress; she is enthusiastic and she was in the same time zone as myself! Just kidding about the time zone thing.

We talk about her experiences at WordCamps, the WordPress Community and her involvement in the local WordPress Meetup group.

Brittney, good luck in your very first presentation next month!

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WordCamp Video Highlight 2016/11/18

The videos highlighted this week are geared towards getting young people involved in WordPress, blogging and programming.

As the grandfather of a 9 year old granddaughter, I find myself  talking with her parents discussing technology, internet safety, security, blogging, programming, etc.

I would love to chat with someone who is involved in a program for kids. This is something that I have on my “To Do” list for the WordPress Community Interview Series. If you know of someone or would like to chat about the it, please leave a comment!

The first video is from WordCamp Cape Town 2015. There is a local program called Code 4 Cape Town that encourages young women to become involved in technology to create a greater diversity in the South African tech industry.

Emma Dicks: Code For Cape Town

The next video comes from WordCamp Orange County 2016. It is a fact that that children are using gadgets at an earlier age every year. Tabitha talks about getting kids involved in WordPress.

Tabitha Chapman: Kids and WordPress

Presentation slides can be seen HERE.

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WordPress Community Interview Series – Global WordPress Translation Day 2

It was a stupid idea. Contact several groups who were involved in the Global WordPress Translation Day 2, record Skype video calls and splice them all together. Stupid.

But the more I thought about it, the more I began to like the idea. Finally after a week or two of thinking it over I contacted Petya Raykovska of the Polyglots Team and asked if she had any issues with the idea. She was actually excited about it and gave me her blessing.

I began to collect information from the Polyglots Team page on make.wordpress.org. After I had randomly picked 25 teams, I contacted them and asked if they would be interested in doing a quick Skype video call , which would be eventually published on WordPress.TV.

I created a list of the teams that I had contacted and also had maps that I marked up to show the contacts, cities and timezones.

The translation event started at 00:00 UTC on Saturday, November 12th. For me, that converted to Friday evening at 7:00 PM EST. I started my first interview at 10:00 PM EST and recorded the last one at 8:30 AM EST. I was able to connect with 16 teams or individuals. This was short of the 25 I had contacted but confusion on my part about time zones led to a few being missed.

I got to talk with some great people and actually was able to spend some time chatting with 2 people who are on the WPTV Team, Pascal Casier and Olegs Belousovs.

I split the interviews into 2 parts which are a about 50 minutes in length.

I want to thank everybody that I was able to talk with Friday night and Saturday morning. AND I need to apologize to the teams that I was not able to connect with during this fantastic event!

Part 1


Part 2


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